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Josh Long bangs Dylan Drive’s tight ass

Josh Long fucks Dylan Drive

Josh Long is with us this week on Circle Jerk Boys so we know all you fur lovers out there will be just fine with this week’s update. So will one of our hotter recent additions to the circle, baby-faced Dylan Drive. Josh and Dylan make it back after class. “School sucked big cock today”, jokes Josh who grabs Dylan and brings him in for a kiss. They start to make out as Josh loses his tee and Dylan’s hands start to explore that sexy chest hair.

They continue to kiss as Dylan starts to kiss his way south to Josh’s crotch. He soon has those pants giving up the content Dylan wants, that hairy cock. As he pulls down his boxers, Josh’s cock is already standing at attention and waiting for that mouth to work its magic. Dylan slides that cock all the way down his throat as Josh starts to fuck his face.

Josh savors every bit of it before stripping naked and sitting back to let Josh suck on his fat uncut cock. Josh gladly returns the favor as Dylan moans in appreciation watching his fat cock disappear into Josh’s mouth. Josh is rock hard as he swallows that cock and soon Dylan wants more himself. They get into a hot 69 on the floor so they can both have all the cock they want.

Each bobs their head up and down like well oiled riggers digging for that white gold you know the one! It won’t get to that cuz Josh has other plans for his cock. He stands Dylan up and bends him over to get at that hot ass. He slides his hard cock into Dylan’s smooth hole and starts to fuck him deep. “Oh Fuck, that feels so good’ moans Dylan as Josh’s balls slap away at his hole.

Josh fucks that ass doggy style a bit before lying on the floor so that Dylan can fuck himself with his cock. Dylan sits on it and starts to ride that dick hard. “Such a nice tight ass” Josh groans as he watches Dylan slowly milk his dick with that hot ass in a reverse cowgirl.

He then spins around and takes it so he can watch Josh’s face as he fucks him. Dylan bounces on that dick and it hits his sweet spot just right making him blow his load all over Josh while he’s still buried inside him. Josh then pulls out and busts his own load all over his thick cum-soaked fur.

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